1. Floralorena
Floristry & Fashion
Bespoke floral headbands for brides and bridesmaids.
Customise your floral accessories, blooms that compliment your bouquet. Ribbon or lace covered bands that tie in with your colour scheme and decor.
£35 each
Flowers for fashion, seasonal collection of headbands.
Inspired by catwalk trends. Expect to see fabric accents of modern prints, colours and textures. Natural feathers adding a soft yet wild element and herbs to add a subtle fragrance. Look out for winter headbands adorned with dark roses dusted with glitter to team with your NYE LBD!
£35 each

Workshops 'Creating your own floral accessories'
We will be hosting workshops, look out for out next event. Details will be available on the website. Private bookings available for groups of 8 or more add afternoon tea to make your event even more special.
from £35 per head
Editorial pieces, looking for a floral bodice, a skirt of blooms or a wellies covered in flowers for a fashion shoot or window installation, we’ll try to make any request possible, just ask.
Christmas wreaths, over-sized and bustling with feathers, flowers, berries and pine cones, set deigns available to online from November
Please see the contacts page for details on how to place your order.
About floralorena
Floristry was plan B, but one evening a girlfriend sent a text that said
‘If the door doesn’t open, it is not your door.’
I have always loved art, my favourite memory of a visit to Manchester is sitting on a bench with a hazelnut latte infront of a magnificent painting called ‘The fallen Monarch’ by Edwin Landseer. The scale and tone of the piece captured me for about two hours, from then on every time I went back to Manchester, I would visit the same painting.
I dabbled with oils and lifedrawing, the trouble Is this…I am just not very good at either! I am a perfectionist and I truly dislike charcoal. How easy it is to smudge a drawing you have spent so much effort perfecting!
Knowing I have a weakness for eggs benedict and flowers a dear friend introduced me to Columbia road flower market, I adored the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle, Parisian artists playing the accordion, I had found the medium I wanted to work with.
It is a labour of love, 5am starts at the flower market and a manicure that barely lasts two days. But floristry is chicken soup for my soul, I enjoy delivering something that will make someone happy, on the tags of all my products there is a note to say ‘I hope I make your day with this bouquet’